IT Solutions Providers

Leading provider of system and software solutions. Developing software for headsets, desktop and mobiles - targeting Windows, Linux, Oculus and Android platforms using Qt, Visual Studio and Android Studio. Our aim is always to deliver error-free code, excellent documentation and implementation precision. Programming in Java, C++, VB, Assembler, Embedded-C, Matlab, PowerShell, TSQL and implementing:

Our qualified engineers can take the strain out of critical software development by removing blocking issues and system integration challenges, or even just create a business phone application for your company.

Project Management and Documentation

Adopting the best practices in managing projects of all descriptions, we can provide formal and complete documentation, including:

  1. Marketing requirements document
  2. Internal marketing requirements revision document
  3. User requirements document
  4. Functional requirements specification
  5. Architectural design document
  6. Software design and implementation document
  7. Code level documentation

Our experience covers the spectrum of industry: working on projects for Space, Military, Medical, Security and Communications right through to business and mundane projects of all kinds.

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